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Top Flights from Riyadh To Kochi

About the Cities

About Riyadh

Riyadh is the capital of Saudi Arabia. The name of the city means "the gardens." It is home to many water desalination plants that cater to the drinking water needs of the city and other parts of Saudi Arabia. The city has many architectural sites, mosques and desert adventure options that you can explore and experience as a tourist. The city of Riyadh is centrally located in Saudi Arabia. We, at Ejazah.com are one of the leading travel companies in the Kingdom and hence, you can be rest assured that you will find only the cheapest air tickets from Riyadh to Cochin.

Riyadh Airport

The Riyadh airport is officially known as the King Khalid International Airport. It has five terminals, out of which three are operational, while the fourth is specifically dedicated to the Royal family and state guests. It is the second largest airport of the country and is also amongst the busiest airports as compared to the other cities in the country. It has the world's tallest air traffic control tower. The airport is facilitated with many modern facilities like duty-free shopping, indoor gardens, spa, restaurants, and lounges. You can choose taxis, metro train, rental car, or shuttle bus, to reach Riyadh city from the airport. You can also buy cheap air-tickets from Riyadh to Cochin at Ejazah.com and make your journey affordable yet comfortable.



About Cochin

Cochin is an industrial city in the state of Kerala in India. Cochin has become the commercial capital of Kerala due to its high levels of industrialization. Since it is a coastal city, it is also one of the most sought-after tourist locations in South India. Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch, and Portuguese have made historical contributions towards the trade and cultural development in this city. It is the perfect tourist place for people who love scenic beaches and historical monuments. You can now book cheap air tickets from Riyadh to Cochin through Ejazah.com

Cochin Airport

Cochin international airport is equipped with all ultra-modern facilities like a miniature golf course, duty-free shops, medical aid, airport guide, WiFi and many more aspects. It operates many domestic and international direct flights. It is about 28 kilometres from the city centre. Cochin airport is the world's first airport to utilize solar power for all its operations. Having a small and easily navigable terminal, you can be rest assured that finding your way around here will be very easy. By booking Riyadh to Cochin flights through Ejazah.com you can also take advantage of the easy and convenient interface that the portal is equipped with.



FAQs of RUH to COK

What is the flight time between Riyadh King Khaled Intl Arpt and Cochin Internation Arpt?
The approximate flight time between Riyadh King Khaled Intl Arpt and Cochin Internation Arpt is 4hours 55minutes.
What is the best time to visit Cochin?
October to February is the best time to visit Cochin. The monsoons from July to September are a good time as well if you enjoy the rains.
What is the distance from the Airport to the City?
The distance from the Airport to the city is about 37.5kilometres and takes about an 60-70 minutes to get to the city.
What is the best mode of transport in Cochin?
The city is well connected by buses plying across the city. However, taking a cab would be a preferred option. App-based cab services are available in the city to cater to travellers. Travellers could take the ferry to get to Fort Cochin. Tourists could explore Fort Cochin with a cab or just cycle or walk around the little town.
Which are the places to visit in Cochin?
Cochin has some lovely beaches like the Cherai beach, Veeranpuzha beach and the beach at Fort Cochin. The city has some beautiful churches, museums, forts and temples. Children can enjoy their time at the Veegaland theme park. The Jewish Synagogue and churches at Fort Cochin are highly recommended.
What type of food do restaurants in Cochin serve?
Cochin is a multicultural city,and therefore travellers can try wide and varied varieties of cuisines here. Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern cuisines are quite popular here. The local cuisine is quite delectable and is highly recommended.
How can travellers get cheap tickets to Cochin?
Ejazah.com has interesting offers and discounts for travellers. Signing up for a newsletter will keep travellers updated on the latest offers.
What clothes to pack on a trip to Cochin?
Light cotton clothes are recommended during the summer. Carrying sunscreen lotions, hats and sunglasses would be great. While visiting temples and churches, it is recommended to be appropriately dressed. Long pants and shirts or t-shirts for men and long skirts and full sleeved tops for women are recommended.
How can one sign up with Ejazah.com?
Simply go to the website and register there with your email address for updates from Ejazah.com.
What languages are spoken in Cochin?
While Malayalam is the primary language, people here understand English,and most boards are written in English along with the local language.

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