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Top Flights from Riyadh To Dammam

About the Cities

About Riyadh

The capital city of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is a busy yet beautiful place that boasts wide roads, countless souqs, and around 4000 mosques. The summers in Riyadh can get as hot as 40 degrees Celsius, and the winters can be as cool as about 10 degrees Celsius. However, Riyadh still manages to be a traveler’s delight with a vast range of sights and spots of interaction and tourist engagement. If ATV rides on golden sand dunes are not adventurous enough for you, the Edge of the World features breath-taking views from rock-structures that are truly a sight to behold. For people interested in the rich history behind the place, you should check out the Ruins of Old Diriyah (a UNESCO world heritage site), which showcases guns, attires, and accessories from the ancient times, housed in mud and clay structures that were home to the Saudi Royal Family hundreds of years ago. If laid-back is more like your style, then you can visit the Kingdom centre tower, or go shopping to Al Nakheel and Al Faisaliah mall. A visit to Riyadh is now easy and affordable with cheap flight tickets for Riyadh to Dammam on airlines like Saudia, Air Arabia, Flynas, Saudi Gulf, as well as Etihad Airlines.

Riyadh Airport

The King Khaled International Airport is one of the biggest airports of Saudi Arabia, handling 14 million passengers annually. It houses 5 terminals within the same building, which sports a unique design that was commissioned by the American design firm HOK. Among the 5 terminals, 3,4, and 5 handle domestics flights and terminals 1 and 2 handle international traffic. You can expect facilities such as an airport lounge, WiFi connection, charging stations, as well as a mosque within the airport premises. Ejazah.com enables you to purchase tickets for cheap flights from Riyadh to Dammam online.



About Dammam

Dammam is a true delight for tourists and casual visitors alike, as it houses a huge sea, fishing spots, and also some of the most breath-taking beaches ever seen. For the history geeks, the Tarout Castle (built in 1600BC!), the heritage village, as well as the Dammam Regional Museum (with 6 halls which take you from pre-historic era to today) allow visitors to reflect on a vast and rich history. Dammam also provides excellent places for taking your children on a vacation, with places like the dolphin village, adventure world, and the King Fahad Park beckoning you to embrace its many wonders. Lastly, you should not miss out on the man-made coral island, which also houses a wonderful park.

Dammam Airport

The King Fahd International Airport in Dammam is the largest airport in the world in terms of area, boasting a surface area of 776 square kilometres. It currently houses 3 functional terminals with more in development for the future. Notably, it also provides facilities such as a baby care room, a mosque, WiFi connection, and a pharmacy within the airport premises for maximum comfort during transit. Riyadh to Dammam flights are easy and hassle-free to book online with Ejazah.com.



FAQ's of RUH to DMM

What is the duration of the flight from King Khaled International Airport to King Fahd International Airport?
The travel time from King Khaled International Airport to King Fahd International Airport by air is sixty minutes, some flights may take 1-hour 10mins. All the flights are non-stop flights.
Which is the famous attraction tourist spot of Dammam?
Dammam has a man-made coral island which has a small beach illuminated with colourful lights and beautifully decorated.
What makes Dammam beaches different from others?
The half-moon beach of Dammam is named as the beach is in the shape of a half-moon and is the perfect retreat for the tourist. Alkheej Makarim is the famous resort located on the half-moon beach is a luxurious resort famous for its location.
How can I register myself on Ejazah.com?
Register yourself through the register tab on the home page and become a member to get many discounts and offers while making a booking.
What are the best places to visit in Dammam?
Dammam Corniches is the relaxing spot of the city which is a must visit place. King Fahad Park is the largest park of Eastern province, and it has many amusement rides, waterfalls and other recreational activities.
What is the best time to visit Dammam?
January and February are the best months to visit Dammam when the temperature is cooler, and there are no chances of sandstorms.
What are the famous museums in Dammam?
Dammam has many famous museums such as Dammam Regional museum which speaks about the entire history of the city from the ancient days till date. It gives a complete insight into the history of this kingdom.
What is the famous food dish of Dammam?
Kasba, a dish made from chicken is popular in Dammam and Hejazi cuisine is the most famous cuisine. Dishes like Mabshoor, Mitabbak, Foul, Areika, Hareisa, are some other popular foodstuffs to enjoy.
What are the famous shopping Malls in Dammam?
Dammam is famous for shopping and some of the famous malls of this place are Al Shatea Mall, Lulu Hyper Market Mall, Marina mall.
How far is the airport from the city?
Dammam’s airport is the largest airport in the world and is connected by a 6-lane highway. It is 20km away from the city.

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