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Top Flights from Riyadh To Abha

About the Cities

About Riyadh

Riyadh can be called the thriving capital at the heart of modern Saudi Arabia. Since olden times, it has been known as a fertile area in the heartland of the Arabian Peninsula. Riyadh has all the characteristics of a capital city as it is home to ministries, embassies, diplomatic missions, as well as educational, financial, agricultural, cultural, technical, commercial and social organizations. From historical monuments to modern infrastructure, to its position as a political capital and an entertainment hub, Riyadh offers a wide plethora of experiences to its visitors. If you are in Riyadh, and are looking for affordable flights from Riyadh to Abha through Ejazah.com.

Riyadh Airport

Riyadh’s King Khalid International Airport is a masterpiece of modern architecture, blending traditional Arab design. The airport is the second largest airport in Saudi Arabia after Jeddah airport, and boasts of one of the world's tallest air traffic control towers and has five terminals. It is designed to cater to 15 million passengers. With over 40 airlines operating to a wide range of destinations across the globe, this is the busiest airport in the Kingdom. The air cargo facilities are some of the most modern in the Middle East, that can handle 140,000 tons of cargo per year. Book cheap air-tickets from Riyadh to Abha on Ejazah.com and avail a perfect trip planning experience. Ejazah.com can help you plan your travel itinerary by offering only the cheapest air tickets to suit your travel budget from Riyadh to Abha.



About Abha

Abha is the capital of the Asir Province in Saudia Arabia and the headquarters of the regional Governorate. It has become popular and gained favoritism among the native Saudis because of its perennial weather. Heavy rains, cool breeze, and high altitude keep Abha cooler when compared to other places in the Kingdom. Hence, you will find many tourists thronging the place during the scorching summers of Saudi Arabia. Once in Abha, you will never have to look for ways to kill time. There are enough options for you to relax, unwind and entertain yourself during your trip. Shop at a series of malls or local souqs, spend some time in the lap of nature at the Green Mountains or plan an evening at the Hanging Village – pick one according to your mood, and come back with a bagful of memories. Book a cheap flight ticket from Riyadh to Abha today and enjoy the best of this wondrous paradise.

Abha Regional Airport

Although a small airport, the Abha International Airport offers excellent connectivity to several important domestic destinations within the Kingdom such as Riyadh, Madinah, and Jeddah. Also, it extends its services for international flights to Yemen, Cairo, Doha and non-stop flights to Sharjah and Dubai. Be it utility stores or Wi-Fi, this small airport caters to the basic needs of its passengers. If you are planning to travel on a Riyadh to Abha flight, book cheap air-tickets through Ejazah.com, and master the art of budget travel.



FAQ's of RUH to AHB

What is the duration of the flight from King Khalid International Airport to Abha International Airport ?
If you board a non-stop flight from King Khalid International Airport to Abha International Airport , it will take you around 1 hour 40 minutes to reach.
What is the best time to visit Abha?
The months of June, July and August are very hot in Abha. Other than those months, the rest of the year maintains a pretty temperate climate, allowing you to explore the place in a comfortable way.
What are the places that you should not miss visiting in Abha?
Abha is a home for tourists. Among the number of tourist places, the Abha Lake Dam, Hanging Village, Asir National Park, Abha Resort, and Green Mountain should not be missed.
What is the best dish you can devour in Abha?
Being the most visited Arab country;Abha boasts a scrumptious Arabian cuisine; offering you the yummiest biryani and kebabs that you can never get enough of.
How long does it take for you to reach the city centre from Abha airport?
The Abha Airport is located approximately 22-23 km away from the main spots of the city. You will need around 20-25 minutes to reach there.
How do you get hold of cheaper flights from Riyadh to Abha?
Register yourself with our website to receive updates and regular emails about the discounts, making it easy for you to book flights at cheaper rates.
How do I register myself with Ejazah.com?
Navigate to the ‘register’ page on our website and fill in your details to receive updates.
What are some of the places to shop in Abha?
Some malls like Rihana Mall, Abha Plaza, Aseer Mall, Abha Mall, and Abha Shopping Festival should be visited to get the best of this place.
Where can you enjoy good food in Abha?
Origin Burger, Assalam Palace Hotel, Al Sinara, and Alkarkand Restaurant are some of the places to visit in Abha.
How is the climate in Abha?
The climate in Abha in favourable for a larger part of the year, making it one of the most favourite tourist spots in Saudi Arabia.

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