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Top Flights from Dammam To Cairo

About the Cities

About Dammam

Dammam is the largest and most significant seaport on the Persian Gulf. This makes Dammam city one of the most important trade centres in Saudi Arabia. It is located 400 km away from the capital city of Riyadh. The city is also a tourist destination for both, locals and international travellers. It serves as the capital of the Eastern Province and is rich in oil reserves. Today, it is a hub of commerce, trade, industry and education. It also preserves its past remnants in the form of ruins or even the entire monument. The city is home to a growing number of expatriates. The King Fahd International Airport being the largest airport in terms of area, serves the city of Dammam. Egypt Air, Air India Express, Etihad Airways, Gulf Air are some of the major airlines that operate to and from Dammam. Flights from Dammam to Cairo, Tbilisi, Kuwait, Frankfurt, and other destinations are available on Ejazah.com.

Dammam Airport

You can choose from a wide number of low-cost airlines that offer cheap air tickets from Dammam to Cairo and several other cities. The King Fahd International Airport connects Dammam to the major cities in all the 5 continents. If you are planning a trip to Cairo, there are several flights from Dammam to Cairo, available at affordable rates. Hop onto Ejazah.com today to book cheap flights from Dammam to Cairo and avail several amenities, such as budget-friendly hotel stays and car rental services, among other facilities.



About Cairo

Cairo is one of the most popular Egyptian tourist destinations. Many come from far, only to have a glimpse of the Pyramids of Giza. With 17 million inhabitants, Cairo is considered one of the most populous cities in the world. The city’s rules and regulations are comparatively lenient and they have cheap public transportation at your disposal. Apart from its rich cultural heritage and architecture, Cairo’s local cuisine is an absolute delight. Flights from Dammam to Cairo are quite cheap and Ejazah.com offers affordable rates and services for your comfortable travel and stay.

Cairo International Airport

Cairo International Airport provides world-class amenities with its swift lodging and boarding services. It has three terminals along with hotel services available right in front of Terminal 3. The airport provides transportation services through public transport or private cars and taxi rentals to even limousines.



FAQ's of DMM to CAI

How long is the flight from King Fahd International Airport Dammam to Cairo International Airport?
The flight from King Fahd International Airport Dammam to Cairo International Airport usually takes around 3 hours 25 minutes.
What is the best season to visit Cairo?
The best time to visit Cairo is between March to April and October to November because of its warm and pleasant weather.
What are the best shopping malls in Cairo?
Khan el-Khalili, Al-Muski Street, Al-Muizz Li-Din Allah Street are some of the most famous shopping spots to visit.
What is the currency used in Cairo?
Egyptian Pound is used in Cairo.
What is the meaning of Cairo?
Cairo is also known as Al-Qahirah which means ‘the conqueror’, ‘the vanquisher’ or ‘the victorious’.
What are the weather conditions in Cairo?
The weather is usually sunny and dry. At times dust storms bring in the Saharan dust into the city.
What are the best restaurants in Cairo?
Zitouni, Taboula restaurant, The Osmanly restaurant, Zööba and The Grill Restaurant & Lounge are some of the well-known restaurants in Cairo.
How long will it take to travel from the airport to the city?
It could take around 40-46 minutes to reach the city from the airport.
How are the food delivery services in Cairo?
Food can get delivered even at 2 a.m. in Cairo.
How are transportation services in Cairo?
Public transportation is quite cheap compared to other travel destinations.

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