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About the Cities

About Abha

Abha is the capital of 'Asir province in Saudi Arabia. It is situated on a fertile land above sea level. It is a popular tourist destination among the locals due to its pleasant climate and abundant vegetation. Residents of this city can make use of cheap flights from Abha to Karachi through Ejazah.com. The site has major airline partners like Egyptair, Nile Air, Flynas National Air Service and Saudi Arabian Airlines, that offer several deals and benefits.

Abha Regional Airport

The Abha Regional Airport mostly caters to domestic travel but has certain international flights as well. It has international flights to countries like Qatar, Yemen, and Egypt. It also provides non-stop flight services to Sharjah and Dubai.



Karachi City

Karachi is the capital of Pakistan province of Sindh and holds the tag of being the sixth most beautiful cities in the world. It is a cosmopolitan city that has a great hold on its culture. It is the most populous city of Pakistan Karachi has also been ranked as a beta world city and is the financial capital of the country as well. It is situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea and has been in business ever since the British East India Company arrived in the mid-19th century. It has two major sea ports for its business logistics and an international airport to handle air traffic.

Karachi Airport

The Karachi Airport is named after Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan. It is an international airport that hosts domestic flights as well. It handled around 68 lacs passengers in the year 2016- 2017. Karachi being the largest city of Pakistan, has a lot of travelers to and from the city. The national flag carrier of Pakistan International Airlines operates from this airport. The first air travel initiated to this airport was from the Juhu Aerodrome in Bombay to land in Karachi, in the year 1932.



FAQ's of AHB to KHI

What is the flight duration between Abha International Airport and Jinnah International Airport?
A direct flight would take about 7 hours 00 minutes to reach Jinnah International Airport from Abha International Airport .
When is a good time to visit Karachi?
The best time to visit Karachi is in June when the climate is just perfect.
What is the special festival of Karachi?
You can plan to visit Karachi when the Karachi Literature Festival is going on.
How can I get cheap air tickets for Karachi?
Please visit Ejazah.com for the best offers. Subscribe to the newsletter to keep yourself updated on the deals
Do I need to register for Ejazah.com?
Yes, you need to register for Ejazah.com to get all the benefits. You can also stay posted about the early bird discounts and other travel offers.
What is the famous cuisine of Karachi?
Nihari is the national dish of Pakistan and is available in Karachi and should not be missed.
What is the time difference from Abha to Karachi?
Karachi is two hours ahead of Abha.
What is Karachi famous for?
Karachi is famous for the oldest and biggest food street called, Burns road. It has many delicious traditional foods that are a must-try.
What is the weather at Karachi?
Karachi has a hot and humid weather, but it gets pleasant in June.

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