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Ankara City

Turkey is a country located in the Middle East that is a part of eastern Europe and western Asia giving it a diverse cultural environment. The country has a unique side to its geography where it is bordered by 8 different countries and has been covered by three sides of Sea in the north, west and south regions. It is the capital of the country and the second largest city with Istanbul being the first. The city has honey, pears and Muscat grapes as its specialty. Ankara has a great historical value and heritage which can be seen it its monuments and the culture that the Turks hold.

Ankara Airport

The city of Ankara has 6 airports and is the capital of the country. Esenboga International Airport (ESB) hosts all types of flights, domestic and international each year. It had a significant 15 million passengers served in 2017 out of which 13 million passengers were domestic travelers. The airport is known as Esenboga from the village which means wind flowing bull. It has also been awarded as the best airport in Europe in 2009. It has been able to cover almost all the routes across the globe with major operations in domestic and International travel.



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