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About Abha

Abha is the capital city of the Asir state of Saudi Arabia. It is located in the South-West region of the country. Being surrounded by several mountains, the temperature and climate of the city are relatively moderate. Due to the pleasant weather and being in the vicinity of the mountains, Abha is an excellent destination for tourists. Abha has several parks, exhibition centres, resorts and historical places to visit. Hence, it is one of the most ideal tourist spots in Saudi Arabia. We, at, help you develop your travel plans, and offer cheap flight tickets to and from Abha.

Abha Airport

The airport serving the city of Abha is called as the Abha International Airport. This airport was established in 1977 and has one terminal. If you are planning to book a flight to and from Abha, then make sure you check for the cheapest air tickets. Many domestic and international flights operate through this airport and we offer some of the most affordable options among the others for travelers and tourists alike. Search, compare and book your cheap air tickets to and from Abha with



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FAQs for Abha

  • What is the name of the airport in Abha?
The airport in Abha is officially named as the Abha International Airport that serves Abha/Khamis Mushait.
  • How do I register with
Visit the ‘Register’ page of our website and enter your details to register with us.
  • What is the best time to visit Abha?
The ideal time to visit Abha is from January to May, and from September to November.
  • Are there any special discounts in Abha flights?
Yes. offers many deals and offers on flights from time to time. To stay aware of these offers you can subscribe to our newsletter or visit the offers page.
  • What are some excellent accommodation options in Abha?
The Azd Hotel, Assalam Palace, Abha Crown Hotel Suites, Boudl Abha, Hayat Elite, Abha Skn Aparthotel, Abha Palace Hotel etc. are some good hotel options to stay in Abha.

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