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About London

London, the capital of England and stands on the River Thames, which is in the southeast part of the country. Originally named Londinium, the city is known to be a world cultural capital. London is quite popular among artists, entertainment and fashion professionals. It has the world’s largest city airport system and each year it receives many foreign students looking to join its renowned universities. Whether you are a student or a tourist, booking cheap air tickets to and from London is quite convenient with

London Airport

The Heathrow Airport is the main international airport of London. It lies to the west of Central London and is the second most-busiest airport in the world. Apart from passenger traffic from Europe, it also handles travelers from around the world as London has a diverse culture, along with the world’s largest financial center. To cater to the diverse cultural background, it boasts of world-class facilities and even has prayer rooms for all faiths. To make your travel more affordable, provides cheap air tickets to and from



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FAQs for London

  • What is the name of the airport in London?
The airport in London is officially named as the Heathrow Airport.
  • Which is the best season to visit London? London is quite pleasant to visit during autumn. One could book cheap air tickets between the months of September and November.
  • How are the weather conditions in London? London is mostly cool with mixed weather conditions at times. Snowfall is common in some areas, while summers are warm with temperatures going as high as 74 °F.
  • Popular events in London? It is a world cultural capital with many events. Some notable ones are the Halloween celebrations and the Totally Thames Festival.

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