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flydubai Check-in and Baggage Allowance

FlyDubai flight booking provides the facility of checking in online between 24 hours and 90 minutes before the flight for the convenience of the passenger. Passengers who’d like to physically complete check in at the airport as free to do so about 3 hours prior to departure. Bookings with multi-leg flights might not be able to take advantage of the online check in facility.

Free baggage allowance is inclusive on route basis. A baggage limit of anything between 20kg to 40kg can be purchased online with the Economy class tickets and a limit of 40kg with the Business class ticket. For infants checked baggage of 10kg and a hang baggage of 5kg is allowed.

FlyDubai airline allows its passengers to amend their flight bookings as they desire. A booking can have a passenger added or removed, date change, cancelation and add the optional extra meal, baggage, or in-flight entertainment.

On cancelation of a particular flight, if a refund is due based on the type of fare chosen, a travel voucher will be issued in for a future travel with FlyDubai, unless applicable laws demand on cash refunds. A cancelation fee may be charged to receive the flight change service.

  • There will be no even refund charges or cancellation charges if the booking ticket is canceled 24 hours before to the departure.
  • In case of a flight ticket cancelation within 24 hours of flight departure, almost ten percent of the fare charged to apply.

Feel free to reach out to our Ejazah experts at to request for amendments in your FlyDubai booking such as flight change, cancelation or addition of service when booked with us at 920002073 within KSA and +966920002073 from outside KSA.

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FlyDubai Booking Types


In economy class, the passengers will get the seat, which is extremely comfortable. They will get small legroom. Eventually, the amenities and facilities of the economy class vary from the other classes such as Wi-Fi, power outlets, in-flight entertainment and other. The economy class tickets holders get the snacks and drinks. One of the biggest advantages of this economy class is that it is extremely affordable. You will get the comfort at a reasonable price too.

Business class

People say that if you fly the business class once, you will never be happy in the economy again. While this may be hard to simply see the advantages of a premium economy over the economy, the extravagances of business over the premium economy are directly apparent. Business class is, in fact, becoming so good, that numerous airlines have abandoned their first-class seats altogether. The passengers get the full flatbed seats, which are quite comfortable.

First class

The pinnacle of the air travel, first class, is earmarked for celebrities and the super-rich (or the super-lucky). Think all the perquisites from business, lathered with the thick layer of luxury. Besides the seat size and privacy, the price is also different. The first-class tickets are little expensive too because of the amazing features. The standard of service is incomparable in the first class, with highly trained crew able to expect a passenger’s every requirement. The standard of the food leaps up the notch up too, with numerous dishes and menus created by starred chefs.