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Introduction to Emirates Airlines

The UAE based carrier Emirates Airlines, is headquartered with a dedicated airport terminal in the city of Dubai. A subsidiary of the Emirates Group – an aviation holding company, the airline is known to be the largest in the Middle East and is owned by the Government of Dubai. The journey of Emirates flights began in the year 1958 with just two operational aircrafts. Today, some of the world’s biggest fleets are flown by the airline that provides travelers with utmost comfort and class. The airline boasts a promising expansion of mixed-fleets and destinations around the globe.

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Onboard services

The traveler’s choice award-winning airline is known for its comfortable seats in every class booked. It also owns an entertainment system called ice that keeps the passengers occupied all through their flight journey. Choose from over 3500 international movies, TV shows, games on demand and music options. Besides being able to follow the journey’s progress, travelers can be updated with world news and sports. With Wifi and data roaming services on board, passengers stay connected to their families or work during the journey. Adults and kids alike could try to learn different languages with uTalk on board. With Halal-certified meals and global flavors, dining in Emirates airways is an experience in itself. The food and beverages catered are healthy, delicious, regionally inspired and are a treat to the eyes as well. Special meals catering to various nutritional requirements or religious obligations are also available such as the Jain meal, Kosher meal, gluten-free meal on pre-ordering at the time of booking. On celebratory occasions, even a celebratory cake could be ordered for while booking the flight.

Emirates Check-in and Baggage Allowance

Emirates Popular Destination

Emirates Booking Types


Economy class is also called coach class, steerage, standard class or (slang) cattle class. It is the lowest travel class of seating in the air travel. You can get the ticket at an affordable price in this type of tickets. It is the basic travel class and the least expensive as well. The passengers of this class get limited snacks and drinks. The leg room is also limited.

Business Class

These seats are just behind the first-class area and it comes with a bit more leg room rather than the coach. You will get moderate facilities and amenities from the airlines. Though, the ticket is not expensive, but the business class holder gets the ample amount of entertainment and means.

First Class

You can easily fly in luxury and comfort with the first-class ticket. The first-class ticket holder gets the cushier seats, more elbow and leg room. They also get quality food and early boarding and beverages as well. One will be able to use the airport lounge before the flight too. You will surely pay for the privilege though, as first-class tickets are probably the most expensive available.

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