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Air India Check-in and Baggage Allowance

Passengers with a confirmed e-ticket are allowed to check in using the web check in facility at the comfort of their homes or offices. The facility is available within 48 hours of the flight departure and will be shut down about 2 hours prior to departure. Travelers who are comfortable with airport check in process must arrive 3 hours prior to flight departure and head to the designated airline desk and drop off their luggage on checking in.

The baggage allowances vary on the class of travel booked with Air India flight bookings, domestic or international flight, fare type etc. However, the basic baggage policies comprise the below allowances and are not fixed to these unless specified in the fare type booked.


Class of travel

Maximum weight allowed

First Class


Business Class


Economy Class


Infants in all classes


Exceeding the airline baggage allowance will be applicable for extra charges at the departure airport.

The cancellation, refund or any such alteration to the itinerary of an Air India booking is entirely dependant on the rules of the flight. Changes made to the travel plans may incur fees or extra charges. For travel change requests for Air India flights made on Ejazah.com, talk to our travel experts at 920002073 within KSA and +966920002073 from outside KSA and they will assist you.

Air India Booking Types


If you are opting for the right kind of booking type, then you would have to know a fact that you choose this one. In fact, you will get the comfortable seat, where you will be able to get lots of great facilities and amenities as well. There are some of the differences, which is quite noticeable. One of the major differences is that you will get this at an affordable price. They will also give you the in-flight services built into touch screens. You can get the food or items you want to your basket as well as cabin crew will deliver your purchases directly to your seat.

Business class

They say that if you fly the business class once, you will never be happy in the economy again. While this might be hard to simply see the advantages of coughing up for the premium economy over economy, the luxuries of business over the premium economy are immediately apparent. This is a completely different class. The business class ticket offers a comfortable experience to the passengers rather than the other ticket.

First class

The pinnacle of the air travel, try to think the entire perks from the business, lathered with the ridiculously thick layer of luxury. Though, aside from the privacy, and seat size there is not that much they can do to make the first stand out markedly from the business. First class ticket holders also have access to the airport lounge while they are waiting for their flight and a variety of entertainment options onboard.